The Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory acknowledges exceptional achievements of curators, art historians, theorists, writers, and critics in the field of visual art and culture in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. This year’s award and grant recipients will be presented at the ceremony on 4 December in Ljubljana, which will also be streamed online, as will the accompanying discussion and international conference.
The discussion Borderline Syndrome and Energies of Defence will kick off this year’s programme, commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Manifesta 3, which took place in Ljubljana and for which Igor Zabel acted as coordinator. The international conference titled The Entire World as Our World will reconsider the universal during the era of global capitalism and pandemic, and aims to rethink our common future.

27. 11.


Borderline Syndrome and Energies of Defence

3. 12.


How art today imagines universalism and represents all-encompassing force such as the force of global capitalism
16:15  ⁄  Discussion

4. 12.


On the relation between the particular, the concrete, and the universal in the field of contemporary art
15:00  ⁄  Introduction
15:35  ⁄  Ade Darmawan, ruangrupa
16:15  ⁄  Discussion